Master Kit Veneers

Master Kit Veneers

Master kit veneers by Klaus Müterthies

Our History!

Ceramic veneers with a "minimally invasive" philosophy are one of the flagships of Klaus Müterthies.

For this reason the Veneers Master Kit by Klaus Müterthies was created.

It is a new elegant box and an Art Oral KM selection with the masses used by the master himself to get the best aesthetic results.

Retraction after the firing of Art Oral ceramics is so low and undetectable that it makes them a perfect and ideal product for this type of job.

The unattainable compactness of its surface also allows for incredible performance speed with top aesthetics.

It is possible to use it both with the technique of platinum foil and with refractory material.

For an optimal result with the refractory material technique, Art Oral Coating is recommended.



pack of 30 bags of 33 gr. and 250 ml liquid  

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