Art Oral ZR

Art Oral ZR

Art Oral ZR - "SPEEDY AESTHETICS" is the new ceramic coating your zirconium, titanium and lithium silicate structures.


It starts with the patient when he/she finally decides to accept the prosthodontist's recommendation to have a ceramic restoration and that same prosthodontist often puts pressure on the laboratory for fast delivery. Combined with the constant need to reduce delivery times to optimize costs, which is essential today, results in the need for a versatile and innovative product that still gives a top aesthetic result. 

 Art Oral ceramics were created for just that purpose!

 and to achieve it we were able to put together these key features:


  • very low contraction
  • expansion control during cooking 
  • beautiful final surface
  • absolute colour reliability
  • TOP aesthetics with few masses

 Our goal is to offer speed and drive to your business to provide you with ceramic materials speed up your work and allow it to run smoothly and with minimal expenditure of time, because the patient is always waiting in the armchair and tomorrow must leave for Canada! 

... But don't forget that he or she wants a perfect tooth!


If you work with zirconium you know that your customer will require superior aesthetics. The ceramics to be used on this material have improved a lot compared to the first ones available on the market.

With Art Oral ZR we have achieved two-fold improvements, increasing both the aesthetics in a very simple way and the reliability, by preventing "chipping" phenomena, by controlling the increase of the product's linear expansion.


Guaranteed by Klaus Mueterthies.


Art Oral ZR

Aesthetics first with masses in V colouration.

6 liners

17 powder opaques for titanium

17 opaque dentines

17 dentines

4 enamels

10 fluorescent dentines

7 intensive dentines

7 transparents

2 chromatic dentines

1 correction mass

7 supporting masses

11 supercolours in powder or in paste

  • It can be used on titanium-based alloys, it is great on zirconium implants and it is outstanding on lithium disilicate.
  • After four firings of dentine it does not increase its linear expansion thanks to the control of the increase of Leucite crystals.
  • It has a hydrophilic surface structure, and allows, through a particular production process, to obtain a hardness equivalent to natural tooth enamel thanks to an ion exchange with saliva, once placed in the mouth.
  • It allows standardised stratification processes on all materials for implants used in the laboratory when used together with Art Oral KM

Once again aesthetics.

The packaging has been designed to give the maximum feeling of exclusivity

for a great ceramic of German conception, with an elegant and refined Italian design embellished by the gold of the base of the labels.

The 5 colour kit

5 liners in powder

5 opaque dentines

5 dentines

2 enamels

3 transparents

1 correction mass

1 U modelling liquid

1 liquid for liner

1 fluorescent paste glazes

1 "Art Oral KM" brush

1 "Art Oral" t-shirt



intro kit 1 A3 colour

Art Oral ZR

in an innovative case: 

1 liner in powder

1 opaque dentine

1 dentine

1 enamel

1 fluorescent paste glazes

1 U modelling liquid

1 liquid for liner





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