No prep Veneers - Elīna Rubeze-Upīte- Latvia

No prep Veneers - Elīna Rubeze-Upīte- Latvia



After smile photography and diagnostic, doctor with patient decided to make four veneers with no preparation (d12-d22). 

Our mission: to restore the tooth length and esthetic. 












ArtOral KM – used masses for layering: 

•                    Dentin opaca – A2, A3  

•                    Dentina A2, A3

•                    Dentina Intensiva- lavanda

•                    Massa transparente- cielo, chiaro, arancio, grigio

•                    Smalto 60, 58






Firing tempretures:

•                    First  layer -   450 C , Dry 4 min , 45 C/min   high temp. 950 C vacuum hold 1 min

•                    Main bake -  450 C, Dry 4 min , 45C/min   high temp. 910 C  vacuum hold 1 min



Finishing: rough finishing stage with diamonds, polishing abrasive rubber disc,  to make morphology, texture and surface.  And mehanical polishing with paste at last.


Elīna Rubeze-Upīte - Latvia

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