Art Oral Day becomes Young Mind Day

Art Oral Day becomes Young Mind Day

The 2nd Art Oral Day has just ended, an event that is becoming a point of reference for dental technology. A sector willing to express its full potential with all available, useful means.


The ability to adapt to problems, and consequently to solve them, is one of the resources required to respond to moments of crisis and also in this case we did not deprive ourselves of anything. In fact, due to a delay in flights a few scheduled speeches had to be changed because the speakers arrived late and also had to put up with the stress of losing their luggage. Everyone was extremely helpful, quickly corroborating the right direction for the choice of the event's theme.


The conferences were held at a rapid pace and the first speaker was the Korean, Youn Seok Choi who introduced cosmetic cases with the aid of digital systems, starting with dental impressions. Immediately after, it was Renzo Revelant's turn, who surprised the audience in the packed hall with a very much appreciated explanation of what steps to undertake to become successful in today's day and age, even with a dental technology company which is not so different than other firms of other sectors.

Attention was then drawn on management processes and controls, on the importance of production, delegation and communication within a modern organised system and the feedback from the participants was outstanding.


Then it was time for Jurgen Braunwarth. A mind out of the ordinary that sees ahead and makes things happen in a logical and rational way with incredible open-mindedness. He illustrated the course of his career together with the Masterdentallaboratory project which started in China 10 years ago, along with the evolution of the Chinese situation. In all this, what stands out the most is our Italian and European situation whereby only a person who is willing to react with great strength changes and looks for other ways and other methods of doing things, without being locked up in their own four walls and feeling sorry for themselves, instead of wallowing in their misery thinking that they've already reached the finish line, waiting for bygone days that will never return and slowly dying out without ever noticing it. The Chinese scenario offsets the aformentioned situation. It is a constantly moving and growing country, a country that yearns to learn new things, continuously changing and which has now reached levels that we cannot even imagine, albeit in a few cases of excellence like the one of Jurgen Braunwarth.


Before lunch we touched upon the artistic aspects of the dental profession. Sculptures together with teeth, parallel working methods and techniques, have distinguished Giovanni Furno'slecture. Certainly a person that has given so much and still has much to give regarding research and know-how. Beautiful, charming and illuminating, a movie on the dynamics of fluids to understand the importance of the biological function of the shape of teeth in order to carry out a coherent reconstruction within the system and the chewing mechanism. A beautiful, captivating conference, also at a humane level. Something that only Giovanni is able to transmit.


We then went back to discuss techniques with Yoosang Lee, the second Korean guest, who showed us a very complex case which was solved with the use of digital technologies for the reconstruction of a patient's mouth, injured in a traffic accident. Just like with Seok Youn Choi, a big thanks goes to Yoosang Lee for the cultural contribution that they have given us. We are becoming familiar with a world that is coming closer to ours thanks to technologies supported by very excellent manual skills. 


Jan Schuenemann gave the best of himself with his report of complex cases, resolved also during courses with patients, together with innovative communication methods showing the audience a few tricks of the trade that he uses to speed things up and program the aesthetic works without having to rely on expensive software.  A huge thank you goes to him for the many years of collaboration that are finally taking shape.



Last but surely not least, Klaus Mueterthies who introduced us to a totally new conference. Klaus continues to prove to be, even after decades, unyielding. He's always in line with the times, ready to change and take challenges, with his compelling desire for perfection and readiness for change, which are useful characteristics for young adults and for those seeking confirmations and incentives to create new ideas inside the dental technology and dental aesthetics sector.

A truly Young Mind Art Oral.


Worth mentioning and pointing out the schools that participated in this event: Ceconi of Udine, Sarpi of San Vito al Tagliamento and Giorgi of Treviso with their professors, Elena Dalino, Cesare Salvi and Carla Baccin


along with Sergio Toscano, Pietro Meneghin, Michele Orefice, Giuseppe Tomaello, Fabiano Bolzani, Nunzio and Alessio Di Cosmo, Giancarlo Di Chiaro, Park Chul Han, Stefano Mazzarella and Federico Galvani and guests arriving from Austria and Croatia.


 Art Oral day, the year after. This second event, a year later, has reached an important milestone. Art Oral Day is not only an event dealing with ceramic or dental aesthetics; it's a meeting whereby the Art Oral concept is expressed in a more modern interpretation.

Twenty years ago the only important thing was to make beautiful teeth and learn how to make the most of the available materials. Today the ever-changing sector makes us lean towards other disciplines as well, such as those dealt with by Renzo Revelant, necessary in order to continue to make people smile, happy to have met us. Reox together with Klaus Mueterthies will continue along this path with the 3rd Art oral day in 2017, precisely on Saturday, May 16th.


be Young Mind

See you next year!!!

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