Let's identify the supporting legs of the dental industry without which the table would not be able to stand?

Let's identify the supporting legs of the dental industry without which the table would not be able to stand?

Today the title of an article from a dental journal made me want to jump out of my seat and tell you all about it.

But first a question ... 

can you identify the supporting legs of the dental industry without which the table would not be able to stand?

 there are three: 

  • the dentist 
  • the dental technician 
  • the dental companies 

The dentist obviously advocates the start of the cycle, the person on whom the patient relies when he/she realises that treatment or a prevention plan is required. Aided by their clinical knowledge they will decide upon the most appropriate treatment plans for each patient and upon the relevant treatment to be administered. 

The dental technician is the person who produces the appliances which solve the problem. This is the person who has dedicated his life to the knowledge of dental processes and who, with a myriad of different, managed and combined materials, gives life to a product that must be absolutely accurate to a microscopic level, functional so as to avoid damage by incorrect chewing and highly aesthetic, because a well ordered mouth is a sign of care, health and beauty.

Thanks to the input and requirements of the first two, the companies develop and manufacture materials and systems for improving production and speed up response times with various lenses.


All three are crucial and nowadays, without one of these legs, the table would not stand: imagine being without even one of them.


I believe that for a thorough interpretation, the end user should also be added; this person is also required for more stability. A table with four legs is certainly better than one with only three.


And so we are presented with this cycle:













Legs that make up the table: 












All are important; all are necessary and indispensable in highlighting the ultimate objective that is sometimes forgotten: "Problem resolution for the person being treated!"


This morning I came across an article on Linkedin, which speaks of the merger between the companies of Dentsply and Sirona and the title immediately jumped out at me just three legs.


The Dentsply-Sirona merger is a win, win, win. It’s good for the companies, dentists, and their patients.


Translated this is:


The Dentsply-Sirona merger is a win, win, win. It's good for the companies, dentists, and their patients.


I am perfectly at one with the win win win concept, which stipulates that there are always advantages for all parties in an agreement because they operate over a period of time BUT…


Wouldn't you agree that there is a leg missing?












Where is the dental technician?

Perhaps the table stands in the same way but why reduce its stability?

With a view to growth is it an intelligent choice?


Before everything else, I always put myself in the patient's shoes, and I wonder if he knows this!, if he agrees with me. 

If he knew that the table might wobble...

And how would you decide and in favour of whom?


Also putting myself in the dentist's shoes. I have often put this forward in discussions with top-notch practitioners who agree with me when they say:

"If experience and the technician's role in the management of dental prostheses were to be removed, I think that my service would deteriorate. It would not be a step forward but a regression in the quality of the product that I offer ".

If we talk about the economy of the study, the question changes, but only in the short term. A cut like this is also a professional cut.


I think that technological progress has changed dental equilibrium in a radical way. In many ways it is better in terms of precision and reproducibility but it has also given rise to business models that tend towards drastic reduction of costs, without taking into account the last leg of the table (the patient), and trying to remove another (the dental technician). 


I hope that operators at all levels understand that the operation has to be win win win win because that which loses out is the system, but most of all the patient !!! 


 And he/she the most important leg.


 The best end result is achieved with specialisation. 


There are dentists who only practice surgery, only prosthetics, or only orthodontics and various other specialities, as well as dental technicians who specialise in making dentures or ceramics, giving their utmost every day to their mission. 


 I wonder at this point "who" should take the place of that leg? 


  • the dentist?
  • the industry?


resulting in the need to start all over again from the beginning and resuming mistakes that have been overcome thanks to years of experience?


This is what happens.


If you think like me, that either you're a dentist, a dental technician, a company or a patient, please share these thoughts because I believe that the truth must not be hidden, and today it is right that all should be aware and informed. 

I'd like to hear your opinion, please comment below to indicate whether you are for or against my argument.


also being a "patient" affects both you and me!


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