Reox Art Oral - Big course 2016

Reox Art Oral  - Big course 2016

A historic and prestigious meeting was held on 15 January 2016, at the Training Center of Reox in Marcon: some of the most creative, exciting and innovative dental technicians on the international scene came together under the Art Oral ceramics sign, guided and inspired by the " grand master "Klaus Müterthies.


The day was full and productive, both with regard to processing and testing with genuine ceramics, and with regard to the ideas and proposals that were conceived.

In a serene atmosphere of friendship and mutual esteem, all participants (which, as previously mentioned, were from various countries such as Germany, France, Italy) have exchanged technical impressions and discussed the potential that Art Oral is capable of expressing.


Possible improvements applicable to both features were also considered, based on the experiences of each spokesperson, who - in the true philosophy of Art Oral - shared an important part of their own varied and specific technical expertise.


It was truly a unique opportunity, a real melting pot of ideas and passion.

This is Art Oral.

Special thanks to Jan Schünemann for the making of this video:

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